The Future of Social Media Marketing is Mobile

Indeed, the future of Social Media Marketing is mobile. This is plain to see with companies strongly relying on social media as a method of marketing and advertising. Not only is it free, but the audience on these social networks is extremely large. Mobile marketing is quickly becoming the new digital focus.

According to WeAreSocial, there are over 6.7 billion mobiles in the world, as opposed to 4.2 billion television viewers. Mobile marketing is the new “lean forward” approach.

As of January 2014, 74% of online adults use social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. It should come as no surprise that mobile social media marketing is the way forward. Josh Steimle of Forbes discussed in his article of the huge importance mobile will have on the future of marketing. It is evident with large companies around the world that being consumer-friendly is the way forward. Engaging on social media platforms such as Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter and Snapchat, the company only gains in it’s customer base. The large audience reach within these sites, mainly Facebook, only further highlight to the marketer that these must be used to gain in business.

Social Media Examiner highlight 7 tips your business can use in order to connect with mobile users. Engaging with your customers is key in succeeding along with making your content short, interesting and easy to scroll.

Visual networks are on the rise, with Instagram being hugely influential with regards to social media marketing. Andrew McCarthy outlines how Instagram can be used to get your fans excited for Christmas. This is a fascinating article as it shows how the best of breed use the free social networking platform to engage with it’s customer base and grow it’s audience reach.

 outlines how your business can utilize Instagram to it’s full capacity by bringing you through the key functions of the site, the power of using hashtags and the usage of Instagram Direct.

The more engagement you drive on Instagram through your comments and posts, the more others will do the same for you or want to be part of the conversation too. The key is being as diligent on Instagram as you are on Facebook and Twitter.- Sue B. Zimmerman

In light of all of this, I believe the future of social media marketing is mobile. With more and more consumers purchasing on the go than ever before, tapping into this as a marketer is the only way to succeed.

This Youtube clip of Mobile Marketing Trends 2015 is very interesting for the future of social media marketing:

The Future of Social Media Marketing is indeed mobile.

What is your favourite app? 


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